Basics Protocols    
 (Sequence assembly, Editing, & Format Conversion)   
BankIt  GenBank Submissions  
BCM Search Launcher  Sequence Utilities  
blast2Fatsa BLAST Output to FASTA Format  
cDNA guided  cDNA Sequence Analysis step by step  
CloneIt Online find subcloning strategy  
Codon Usage Database codon usage  
Convert Sequence Formats using ReadSeq file conversion  
DNA Duster  removes formatting characters etc from a sequence  
Entrez Utilities provides access to Entrez data   
ExpasyTranslate Tool translate  
JavaScript DNA to Protein Translation Calculator translate  
let Backtranslate Protein to DNA  
Lift Genome Annotations  Batch Coordinate Conversion   
Manipulate a DNA Sequence obtain  inverse, complement or inverse complement  
PBIL CAP3 Sequence Assembly Program  
pDRAW32 drawing plasmid map  
Protein Duster  removes formatting characters and other  stuff  
READSEQ (D Gilbert) (EMAIL)  converts to fasta format  
RepeatMasker mask repeats  
Reverse Complement perl program for reverse complement  
Reverse Complement calculator reverse complement many seq  
Reverse Translate a Protein reverse translate a protein  
Savvy  Scalable Vector Graphics & Plasmid Map  
TAP  Transcript Assembly Program  
Transeq translate  
Translate translate  
VecScreen  quick identification of vector sequence in a clone  
Web READSEQ Sequence Conversion