Gene Expression Databases
AceView  alternate splicing
Alternate Transcript Diversity DB alternate splicing
Alternative splicing DB : ASDB alternate splicing
ATD alternate splicing
passdb alternate splicing
read riken database gene expression
rampone database gene splice site
TRRD database gene transcription
Pancreas Endocrine pancreas consortium
SymAtlas from Novartis
Fly-Trap Fruit fly brain gene expressiond atabase
Tooth Development Gene expression during tooth development
GenePaint Gene Expression Patterns in the Mouse Embryo 
EpoDB Genes related to vertebrate red blood cells
ECgene Genome annotation for alternative splicing 
HLA-I HLA class I information at Washington university
Body Map Human and mouse expression database
ArrayExpress Microarray based gene expression data at EBI
gene atlas Molecular informatics on gene expression
MIRAGE dedicated to methodologies, tools, and technologies relating to gene expression information
PEDB Prostate expression database  
GEO Public gene expression data from various platforms at NCBI
Stem Cells Stem cell database
AREX The Arabidopsis expression database
Cardiovascular The Cardiac Genes Database  
ExpressDB Yeast RNA expression data